13 skills for 2013

2013    Alright Ninjutsu practitioners, welcome to 2013! Let me just start off this message with a Happy New Year to all of you, and to open a challenge to you for 2013. I started this challenge for myself and after speaking with my students several of them also wanted to join in, so here it is throughout the year leanr and or improve 13 different skills that a Modern Ninja would have in their training.

Now don’t make this easy on yourself, take up the challenge and really think about what you will be improving. Here are a few examples: knot and rope skills, learn a second language, orienteering, primitive camping, disguise techniques, surveillance skills, information gathering tactics, and the list goes on and on. Now to top this off, I offered up another personal challenge, there will be 13 different products and site improvements this year!!

So to start of 2013 make a list of the 13 skills to work on and set some measurable goals towards each one, and then start taking action towards them! I started on my first one yesterday (increasing cardiovascular endurance) by taking a short 4.2mile run! I hope that each of you will take up the 13 in 2013 challenge and make a difference in your training development.


Bufu Ikkan

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