Everyday carry tools for the modern Ninja

Ningu, or Ninja Tools, covers a wide array of specialized tools that an ancient practitioner of ninjutsu would utilize to accomplish their missions on a daily basis. Some of these items would include, shuriken (Throwing blades), tetsubishi (caltrops), metsubishi (Blinding powder), gando (candle spotlight), even the shinobi shozoku (ninja costume). Each of these tools was […]

Perseverance and the Ninja (Fudoshin)

Fudoshin (Immovable heart), the enduring through trials and tribulations, both physical and or mental,that is what a Ninja excels at. “The essence of the ninja spirit is fortitude. Perseverance of mind, body, and character. Endure shame, forget jealousy. The origin is patience.” – Shoto Tanemura   One trait that a ninjutsu practitioner must acquire and […]

Choho, intelligence gathering quiz

Choho is Ninjutsu’s method of Espionage. Choho, includes such skills as reporting secret investigations, political plots, unconventional tactics to accomplish necessary ends, the recruitment and directions of agents, the establishment of intelligence gathering programs and networks, and finally unconventional warfare tactics. But how do you begin to take the traditional strategies and tactics and apply […]