Hensojutsu – The Ninja art of disguise

Within the curriculum of Onshinjutsu(invisibilty) lies the techniques and strategies of Hensojutsu, or the art of disguise.  Ancient hensojutsu tactics were based upon the shichi ho de, or “seven ways of going”(more on this in later posts and in the Online training sections), and allowed a ninja the ability to blend in and penetrate a […]

Ninjutsu’s Art of Invisibility – Onshinjutsu

The Ninja of ancient times were famed for their ability to seemingly disappear at will. Onshinjutsu or “art of invisibility” is the ninjutsu practitioner’s strategies and tactics, which like the ninja of ancient Japan allow a modern Ninja proponent to disappear of blend in to escape detection. The art of Onshinjutsu is comprised of several […]

Choho Lesson

Choho is the ninja’s art of gathering intelligence. In order to effectively gather information in a discrete manner, a ninjutsu practitioner requires practice. Here is a short exercise that I often practice when I travel or am out for a walk in a new neighborhood. Gather the following information:   1)      How many homes were […]