Ninja Aruki Skill Building: 8 tips for Silent movement

Hello Ninja fans! One skill that attracted me to ninjutsu was the ninja’s ability to move silently through many areas. So, while I was practicing today I thought it would be a good to review a few tips on silent movement for you to incorporate into your practice. Take slow, measured breaths from the nose. […]

Training like a Ninja – Some of my principles on training

The other day I was speaking to a friend about training and he asked me “what was so special about my training or ninjutsu training than other arts.” Well here comes my answer—- All martial arts are good in some way, shape or form. It depends on the individual to choose what they want to […]

Ninja First Aid Skill Building: Dealing with Hypothermia

  All right Ninja practitioners, it is winter here in the Northeast! Cold weather is part of what we live with and are very much accustomed to, but increasing our ability to endure the weather around us can lead us into some hairy situations, and even at moderate temperatures hypothermia is one of them. Hypothermia […]