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I’m Back!

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Hello Ninja Warriors,

I am back to posting again!! Well, if you follow the Facebook page you would see there are a lot of additional posts that happen there as well..hint..hint!

Here we go —

“However, you must be aware of being touched or moved by something negative. I am referring to what we were discussing earlier, about immature and open hearted young people being “touched” by manipulative con artists. They want so badly to believe in what they want, that they do not realize they are being lead dangerously astray from the true warrior ideal they claim to have pledged themselves to in the first place.” – Soke Hatsumi

How true these words are today in so many aspects of our lives!

Look at the recent rhetoric thrown back and forth between the presidential candidates, news media, rumors from friends, various martial arts schools, cults etc. But how do you hold true and see through the clouds of misinformation that is spewed out from individuals? Well you have to be resolute in your approach to discerning the underlying truth!

Let me utilize the news as an example: you hear a story on the evening news, and take it at face value, but really you should be doing your own research on the situation. Looking at alternative view points left, right, center even conspiracy theorist have a place in your review. I look at martial arts schools and teachers the same way. I have met many, probably hundreds of instructors in many styles, some only believe their way is the way. But how do they know this? Over the years I have gathered a large collection of research material in written, video and audio form. I have interviewed many individuals, been involved in the launch of the martial arts forums around the web, and yet I still have only scratched the beginning of understanding the way.

A ninja, whether historical or modern, must be deeply involved in understanding, researching and defining his knowledge and information each day. You have taken a step by reading my posts, but don’t take my word on anything, your individual research will point you to the truth.

More to come, my brothers in the arts.

Bufu Ikkan