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3 Winter Ninja Training Tips!

Sunday, February 11th, 2018


Alright it is still winter with snow and ice on the ground, numbing cold and the potential for blinding snow and sleet. Well, this is the best time for a Ninja to be training in the great outdoors, so here are three tips to make the best of winter training!


  • Be prepared for the cold. Ok, seems pretty straight forward but what I am talking about here is be prepared for what ever activity you are planning for. When I am out practicing land navigation on shoe shoes, I have the right clothes and gear with me to spend a night out if I have to, or when I am out for an early morning run I am armed and dressed appropriately and may even be using a set of micro spikes for traction. What ever your activity or training is be prepared for the cold through the appropriate layering of clothing as well as a just in case kit if you are stuck out over night!
  • Train with your weapons in the cold. If you have never utilized or trained with your EDC weapons in the cold you will not be ready to use them in a real combative situation. Practice numbing your hands in the snow and practicing deploying your weapons with the heavy clothing you normally wear in the cold. Have you ever tried to draw a gun or knife with gloves on? Well how the hell are you supposed to do this without practicing in the outdoor environment?
  • What is this doing here? Well in the winter the air is dry and you will be sweating or dehydrated, so proper hydration is a key part of your training nutrition plan. Carry extra water with you, or the ability to melt and use snow to help supplement what you bring with you.

I love training out in the cold, I see and track animals, learn to see the winter constellations, breath the cold and fresh air, it is just another time to train ninja style. Remember a ninjutsu practitioner does not wait for the perfect weather to train, they are out there early or late, rain, snow or shine training while others are comfortable.


So get out and enjoy the weather!


Bufu Ikkan