217 Days!

Hello Ninjutsu Fans!!

My deepest apologies for being off grid for the past few weeks, it has been incredibly busy. Many of you do not know any of my background other than what I post throughout the web, but I am not only a martial artist but an executive in a major business dealing in the defense industry, so it was 2 ½ weeks of traveling and a few time zone jumps but I am back in the thick of things once again. During my travels I kept a positive training regime going but focused more on a cardiovascular and mobility increase as I had taken a shoulder injury in training and was somewhat limited for a few weeks for healing as well (Old and decrepit…NOT!).

So what does this title of this post mean?

Well, this is how many days are left in this year for you to accomplish new goals and training activities. It seems like time goes faster and faster, but we all know differently. What objectives have you set for this year to allow you to gain new knowledge and improve your martial and life skills? I hope you set this earlier this year and are making small incremental achievements each day and training session. This year I have planned many new lofty, stretch me to the breaking point goals that I am tracking on a daily basis, throughout many areas of my training and life, and the other day when I sat down to start writing this post, I realized time was flying and I needed to renew my efforts! But, you might say “What does this have to do with ninjutsu?” and my answer is: This is the Ninja Lifestyle! Constantly improving and removing the excess so that you are sharp and ready for whatever life throws at you and your loved ones, and trust me life can throw a lot at you, at any time. So my words of wisdom to you are meant to encourage you to dig down deep and make a renewed effort toward improving your ninjutsu skills, step up and do it now!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle!

Ps: Thank you to everyone for the recent onslaught of emails and texts for ideas, questions and concerns !

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