55 Days – Fudoshin

FudoshinOk, Ninjutsu fans here is the deal, it is day 310 for 2013, and only 55 days left before we start 2014. My question to you is how did you do on learning 13 skills? (Add link to post) If you haven’t been on this journey, what are you going to do with the last 55 days of this year toward achieving new progress towards your training and life goals? 55 days doesn’t seem like that much time to me but it can be a huge amount of time if you apply yourself to take action each day!

Fudoshin – Immovable spirit, the indomitable will and perseverance to take action each day for the next 55 day is not an easy challenge to accept, and I am publically challenging each of you readers to accept this challenge! I know your next question to me is, “What are you going to do for the next 55 days?”  Guess what, I am accepting my own challenge, and I will be doing the following: Increased material/information released to Ninjutsu Training Online and NTO Facebook, 1 new Podcast, new Ninja Warrior Conditioning training reports(my training as well as items for you to use), never mind awesome training for myself and current students!  And if I am not living up to what I have stated here, YOU ALL get to give me a rash of CRAP!

So are you willing to accept my challenge? What are you afraid of? Do it now and let me know what I can help you with as well what can I harass you for!

Bufu Ikkan

“Sleep is for the weak, you can catch up on your sleep when you are dirt napping!”

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