A month of free lessons!

Alright, I give in!! Just because I have slowed down on my posting doesn’t mean you can bury my email inbox!! But I get it and so June will be a month of free lessons for you all to put into your training regime.  It starts here:

Are you Ready?

Over the last few weeks the country has had very severe storms raging across the states. Devasted homes, lives shattered, but a few..very Ninja Like, are moving on and were prepared to handle these crises. Now here is the lesson: we each live somewhere where a natural or man made disaster can occur at any time, so how have you prepared? As we live in an increasingly electronic world over the next week I want you to create a thumb drive with the following information(encrypted of course) with you Personal and family information! It should contain photographic copies of your passport, social security cards, marriage certificates, bank accounts, 401k etc etc. Mine also contains individual medical information including blood type, allergies and medication information. This is just step 1 my young ninja’s get ready for a whole lot more!

(well of course I didn’t tell you how to encrypt, or where to locate this, that will be in the upcoming Online training Section)

Bufu Ikkan

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