A Ninja Birthday

Just over a week ago, I celebrated another new year in my warrior’s journey. Many people that I know lament that they are getting older each year, you know this person, the one who is complaining about his aching back, or lack of drive, strength , eyesight …whatever. Those are the people you are not going to want to be around for long and neither should you.

Each year I look forward to learning more, chipping away at my weaknesses, become as fit as I can be no matter what the numbers my age show, and for those who know me personally, you know that I am in shape and each day I challenge myself to grow and expand my knowledge and teaching skills. I was lucky way back when I started the martial arts at the tender age of 10 years old. I look back and laugh at what I did, the lessons I learned (mostly the hard way), the friends along the path that I have been honored to meet and train with, and lastly what I have been passing along the way to those who meet and train with me.  Recently, I came upon this quote from Soke Hatsumi, “ In Shinken gata, learning new things is always important.” I truly believe this! Now a bit of Ninja advice, we all have the exact same amount of time each day, what you do with it is what makes you great or makes you less than you can become. Each day you need to evolve! Evolution is change and change is life, your arts and life are intertwined, each day live passionately about evolution in your daily practice and life.


Bufu Ikkan

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