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Hello Ninjutsu Fans!

I had a few emails shot my way over the last couple of days where a few NITs(Ninja’s in Training), after reading my  first Ninja Lifestyle post ( A Ninja Lifestyle)  wanted to learn more about how to cultivate or enhance their training into their everyday life. Well here is #2 in a series on the Ninja Lifestyle.

“Deru kugi wa utareru”

Literally: The nail that sticks out gets hammered down

I have been fortunate to travel to many places within the United States and in Europe for training and fun. One ninjutsu strategy and skill set I always utilize is the onshinjutsu(art of invisibility). Now many of you may be thinking “he wants to be invisible what the hell is he thinking?” Actually, not invisible but like the Japanese proverb says “not the nail that is sticking out either. So how do I go about this, well first as any ninjutsu practitioner should know by know I utilize the strategies contained within Choho to determine what the local area is like, what people tend to wear, what would stand out in the area, then I utilize Chimon, to understand the lay of the city or area I am in, where are the areas to avoid and where are the ones the locals tend to utilize.

From here I put together my travel arrangements, clothing and tools I may need to call upon in an emergency, and off I may go to where ever I am heading. As you can see by utilizing the ancient strategies in a modern application, I will most likely prevent myself from standing out in the crowd and my trip will be as uneventful(in a bad way) as possible.

Now of course there is a lot more to this process then I am letting on here and there are many other strategies and skills I am not letting on to, but more of this weaving of the Ninja Juhappan skillsets will be coming in further blog posts.

Bufu Ikkan

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