Anonymous Living Tips 2

Creating an alternative identity:

In times of trouble a Ninja may have to assume an alternative identity in order to survive.
One of my favorite stories that high lights this skill is that of Momochi
Sandayu, who in order to confuse his enemies, maintained three separate households with a separate wife and family living at each location. Now I am not suggesting that you should create three families, or have three households first the cost would be enormous and never mind the trouble of dealing with three wives! But what I am questioning you on,  is do you have an alternative identity that you can assume in times of trouble or if you need to flee and go underground
for some time?

If not here is a list of questions to start you on this
essential skill.

  • What name would you choose?
  • What type of person would you choose to be?
  • What documentation would you need to have in
  • What type of clothing would you utilize?
  • What vehicle would you have?
  • Would you leave an area to move somewhere
    completely new?
  • How would you learn about the new location?
  • What type of skills for a new job would you find
    necessary to have?
  • How would you communicate with friends or
  • How would you bank?

As a ninjutsu practitioner the principle of “kyojitsu tenkan no ho”, is very important to deeply understand in life and martial arts practice. The creation of an alternative identity is but one aspect of this strategy, and not one that should be utilized for criminal purposes at anytime, but for the protection of your family and loved ones. In a future post I will help share a few tips to creating an online identity that you can utilize for increased internet privacy.


Sensei Lefebvre

Ps: A more detailed look at this subject is covered in the
upcoming release of Lesson 5.

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