Back to Nature Again,

Hey there Ninjutsu Fans!

What a great long weekend, training, working around the homestead and having some fun as well! Monday morning, I woke early had a cup of coffee and planned my day, then I got the trail shoes on, picked up my wakazashi(wooden version) and set off for a trail run. Awesome, morning running the game trails, parrying and practicing various cuts, counters and movements all while maintaining my pace on not so easy terrain. I look back and remembered when in “The Empire Strike Back” Luke is running through the Dagobah swamp leaping and training all in the deepest surroundings of nature.  During the day, I took to digging and moving large rocks, often practicing various lifts with them to add some weight bearing exercises to the day. All this is just a normal day around here, working the garden, rebuilding a dam, cutting wood, all in nature and at each task I try and come up with ways to enhance my martial skills.

trainingTraining in a natural setting has many benefits, most of which I have written about here several times, but the run and sword work the other day was just a reminder to  be creative and use what is around you for training partners! No matter where you are located you can find some place to practice outside, often it can be a running trail, school playground, track, football or baseball field, parkour running in the streets, whatever it is get outside and Just Do It!



Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle

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