Basenshukai – Shinobi Iri skill

Three Preliminary Assessments on Opening Gates

In the matter of opening doors. In case where there is a lock on the gate, know well about the place and the details of the attached lock. Knowing the details will allow you to choose the method of breaking the lock…therefore, once you have decided to break into a certain house, know the gate and appearance, after which you will be able to choose the appropriate tool for breaking the lock.” – Basenshukai


toolsNinjutsu, Shinobi-iri or “stealing in” curriculum contains many fantastic skills and tactics utilized for entering into an enemy’s stronghold. As you may note from the Basenshukai, a locked door may not be a match for an ancient Ninja’s skills to overcome with the use of proper tools for the mission.
In the modern day, lockpicking should be a part of your training curriculum. Of course using modern picks and tools, I use a small kit I purchased from SouthOrd many years ago, and it has served me well!picks Purchase a few locks such as a Master lock No 3, to start practicing on and soon you will begin to see any lock as a challenge, and who knows what could be behind that locked door!

Be safe and practice on the good side of the law!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle.

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    You should be all set! Thanks for purchasing the lessons and stay tuned for the new revamped members area at the beginning of May!
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