Chimon basic drill 1


The study of geography, and how to traverse an area without getting lost, is a skill that the ancient Ninja knew well.

In today’s modern work, we are lucky to have GPS navigation in our cars, on our phones and even portable hand
held units! It is awesome technology and a handy tool for your ningu, but this article is about
building your capacity to “observe” and “process” not just how to get from point A to B (part that is part of it).

O.K here is your quick lesson, go to your nearest larger city and upon arrival get a map of the area. Review the map for the basic road structure and layout of major items, ie: city hall, a shopping mall, or even a library. Now that you have this information, go to the highest point possible for an overview of the area. Your last piece of this lesson, is from where you are, pick one of the major items you chose and head their on foot, without asking for directions and not referring back to your map, so as to not seem the typical tourist.

Can you do it?

Shidoshi Steve L.

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