Choho, intelligence gathering quiz

Choho is Ninjutsu’s method of Espionage.

Choho, includes such skills as reporting secret investigations, political plots, unconventional tactics to accomplish necessary
ends, the recruitment and directions of agents, the establishment of intelligence gathering programs and networks, and finally unconventional warfare tactics. But how do you begin to take the traditional strategies and tactics and apply them in a modern day life?

Let’s give you a little practice…

Neighborhood Intelligence Gathering:

1)     Find out your nearest neighbors full name, birth
place and how many siblings they have.

2)     Where do your neighbors work?

3)     Are any of your neighbors active in the shooting

4)     Are any of your neighbors medically trained?

5)     How many off road capable vehicles are in your

6)     How many homes are alarmed or have dogs?

7)     List 3 different routes to and from your work to


Alright, just a few tasks for a budding Ninja operative to know about their surroundings, there will be several more of these pop quizzes
heading your way!

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Steve

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