Choho Lesson


Choho is the ninja’s art of gathering intelligence. In order to effectively gather information in a discrete manner, a ninjutsu practitioner requires practice. Here is a short exercise that I often practice when I travel or am out for a walk in a new neighborhood.

Gather the following information:


1)      How many homes were in the neighborhood

2)      How many of these had dogs

3)      How far apart were the homes from each other

4)      Depending on the time of day what cars were parked in the driveway

5)      How many streetlights

6)      Were there any signs that the homes had children living there

7)      Does it appear that anyone is home during the day in a particular home

8)      Who has the most expensive automobile in the neighborhood

9)      Who has a boat or travel trailer

10)   Are there any places where you can observe a large area of the neighborhood from, discretely.

As you casually stroll or even jog through the area, look the part of just that an active person power walking or a runner. Become a grey man, and blend in. As you become more adept at this type of fundamental information gathering, we will move on to a more complicated subject: Surveillance!


Bufu Ikkan

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