Digging deep, a new exercise for you!

ninja2“In budo, too, there are three important essentials: first, seeing and knowing oneself, one’s own strengths and limitations; second, the sword of discrimination, of decisiveness, for eliminating faults, weaknesses, and the unnecessary; and last, the sincerity, feeling, devotion, insight, and understanding of the heart.” – Soke Hatsumi

As I was traveling around the Midwest last week, I decided to go back into my old notes and I came upon this quote from Soke Hatsumi, and of course it started me to reminisce upon my training. Looking back all these years I have been training in the various disciplines and skills, I have got to know myself pretty deeply. You know what I mean, what makes me tick, what motivates me, challenges me and what even gives me a chill up my spine.


Now for a short exercise for you!!

Sit down and open your training journal (you better have one!!), start by listing what you know about yourself, everything! Just like I have stated above you need to know who you are in order to learn your own weaknesses and strengths. After you did, start drafting out how you would like to improve, and eliminate your faults and weaknesses.


Be honest here and dig deep as in by doing so, you can unleash some powerful emotions to help you improve on your Budo journey as well in life.


Bufu Ikkan

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