Escaping Skills and a Reality Check!

How many of us have heard, read about or watched on TV the escape of three young girls that had been held captive for over a decade? Well, I have been following this case as it kidnapped_by_l_saku-d3h7hrohighlights how dangerous a world we live in each day. As a ninjutsu practioner, Hajutsu(escaping skills), intonjutsu(escape and concealment) and Shinobi iri(entering skills) are an almost daily practice with me. There are many drills I teach my students and family members regarding awareness building and avoidance, and escaping skill development.

So my question to each of you is, “what escaping skills are you practicing?”

Here are a few for you to add to your practice sessions:

Escaping from common holds and grabs

Escaping from the ground

Escaping from a seated position

Enhancing your skills on room or area entrance and exit strategies

Escaping ropes (this will involve learning knots and ties)

Escaping the most common handcuffs

Lock picking with traditional picks

Lock picking with improvised implements

So this is just scratching the surface and as you can see the skills necessary for a modern practitioner to learn and hone to help themselves and others in case of an emergency. So what should you take away from this short piece? As you may notice I didn’t lay out any instruction on any of what I outlined, this is a part of your lesson! Search and dig up information on some of this material, utilize your choho skill set to help you develop more knowledge, then teach it to others, like I do here to reinforce the skills and pay it forward. Now my last bit here is just an announcement, over the next several weeks my team and I are revamping the Online Ninjutsu Lessons, and will be launching several EBooks for a very short time at a reduced price. Then a massive re-launch of all of the online material will be completed, but here is the kicker, there will be an opportunity for 50 individuals to get in on the re-launched lessons at a reduced rate so stay tuned for the details and all of the exciting changes coming soon!!!

Now go out and practice, this damn lock I am trying to open is giving me a headache!!

Bufu Ikkan!


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