Everyday carry tools for the modern Ninja

Ningu, or Ninja Tools, covers a wide array of specialized tools that an ancient practitioner of ninjutsu would utilize to accomplish their missions on a daily basis. Some of these items would include, shuriken (Throwing blades), tetsubishi (caltrops), metsubishi (Blinding powder), gando (candle spotlight), even the shinobi shozoku (ninja costume). Each of these tools was specialized and fit into the daily life of our distant practitioners (yes I do cover this area in great detail in the lesson sections) but these items may not “fit the bill” in today’s environment. Items such as high intensity flashlights, night vision devices, OC dispensers etc are what amodern ninja may be carrying.

So in today’s society just what would a Ninja carry as his everyday tools to help them survive in a chaotic world and if captured help him or her escape. Well, this is a short list of a rotating equipment list that I and others utilize on a daily basis, sometimes know as a Tier 1 level kit, review, absorb, and what is specifically your own!

Tier 1

1)     Multitool

2)     Lock picks

3)     Small flashlight

4)     Handcuff key

5)     Bobby pin

6)     Barette shim

7)     OC fog grenade

8)     Fixed blade

9)     Lighter

10)  Paracord

11)  Cell Phone


I hope you enjoyed this material, coming soon Kakushi buki (hidden weapons)!!!

Bufu Ikkan


Sensei Steve

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  1. River says:

    What a great group of pictures. I love anything with historical value. I do a lot of family research, so I visit a lot of cemeteries. I know some people think it is a little weird, but I not only like to "visit" my family, but also it ust seems peaceful to sit there and think!! Happy Friendship Frscoy!!Melaniemelanieicrazylife.blogspot.dam

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