Expect the unexpected



I love this phrase and still remember the movie the “Octagon” with Chuck Norris when the student falls through the trap door! But on a serious note, How do you train for the unexpected? Can you train for it, or even should you train for it? Well, Ninja Fans, the answer is yes you can train for dealing with the unexpected in many ways, both physical and mental, and I going to outline a few things to consider in your daily training and every day life.

Ok, so how do you train for the unexpected? Well how about doing the unexpected !! Sounds easy but you should know by now I am far from easy on myself or students, so lets add a few things to take your training out of the norm.

1) Train outdoors, not the safe dojo with mats, and gi’s on. Get outside and mix it up in the parking lot, stairwell, elevator, car etc! Real world baby!!

2) Train in different weather conditions, one of my favorites is deep winter training.

3) See that hill over there in the distance…. you got it wind sprints!

4) Weighted vest use.

5) New opponents. Yes, take on the biggest, toughest person in the school and have them beat the crap out of you until you can hold your own!

So, each day push yourself to go farther, faster, push your limits and you will physically be much more ready to deal with the “UNEXPECTED”!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu -” Living the Ninja Lifestyle”

ps: Stay tuned for an update on where I have been these past few weeks!

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