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Hello Ninjutsu Fans!

Well it has been too long since I have posted to the webpage and yes I hear you and read your emails pestering me to start posting again, so here I am!!

First a little story, a few weeks ago I was reviewing my finances, setting up on line payments etc, which I do in the beginning of each month, when I noticed a charge to my credit card from another state for a Lyft ride. Well the warning bells went off and I immediately filed against the charge to the credit card company. Well, yes my CC number was somehow cracked and used for the illegal ride, but what it told me was that it was a good time to do some basic digital housekeeping, to protect from further intrusions.

Now on a 90 day basis I rotate and update my passwords, security codes and questions to help prevent someone for gaining access from one account to all of my accounts through a shared password etc. Now my question to you is when is the last time you updated any of your passwords and security questions? Think about the risk to your finances, personal data, medical data etc!

Identity theft happens everyday, be ready and prepared to stop it in  it’s tracks. Today take the time to update all of your digital passwords, and please don’t be stupid and use something like QWERTY, 123456, PASSWORD…or all the other easily cracked ones that way too many people fall into the trap of using.

Alright Short post, to the point but the first in many new things coming your way. Don’t forget to stay in touch on our facebook page as well!

Bufu Ikkan

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