Fire building

Fire Building Good Morning Ninja!

Your lesson today is something so simple that everyone  believes(especially men) that they can do it without thinking, yes that is  building a fire!! Now the catch is, you are going to do it with 1 match. So,  what is one of the best methods in a survival situation to build a fire? Well  the photo here kind of outlines the whole process for you but here are the  basic steps:


1) Gather everything you need prior to lighting anything! (tinder, kindling, fuel)

2) Select a dry spot, you may need to use a piece of wood or bark to start your tinder on, to keep it off a wet surface.

3)I utilize either a teepee or log cabin structure to start the fire off. Use plenty of tinder that will ignite easily (birch bark, pine cones, small shaved dry wood, fuzz stick, pine needles etc)

4) Allow enough air flow to start the fire.

5) Add kindling and fuel slowly as the blaze gets moving.

I have built fires in all types of weather, while camping or for practice. A fire will keep you warm, allows you to cook food and or purify water, adds light and a sense of security to your camp. So my lesson here to you is learn this basic skill, with several types of ignition sources – blast match, old fashion flint and steel, steel wool and battery, bow drill etc. lots of improvised ways to start a fire and they are all handy to know and be able to utilize.

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja lifestyle”

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