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Ninja LifestyleHello Ninja Fans!!

Well how the hell are you all doing? It has been a busy time around the ninja homestead with the martial training, shooting and wilderness survival practice going on around here but enough of what I am up to how are you doing on the last challenge. You know the 52 week financial challenge, not everything here is about ninjutsu (or is it?).

You should have $55.00 in your account this week, so I hope you have been keeping up with this as this challenge isn’t about just the money (well yes and no) it is about developing the discipline to start and stay on a simple track, even if there is a small amount of hardship along the way. What kind of hardship could you run into taking on this challenge? Well, you might have to not buy that new video game or bag of chips you wanted, but instead you are learning discipline, and putting a few dollars away you probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Training and life are not meant to be easy, you will get knocked down and beat up, but a ninja endures and survives and eventually overcomes the obstacles in front of him. How you choose to learn how to do this is why I think you come here and read and learn from this blog.

Over the last few weeks I have been traveling and training hard! I have had quite a few emails asking me about ninjutsu and how I practice it in the real world, and I almost always reply, I live ninjutsu’s strategies and teachings every day and in as many aspects of my life as possible. Yes, regular martial arts training, physical conditioning to do things others cannot because they are out of shape, mentally – through meditation (check out the facebook posts about meditation!), and yes even financially. I am doing the same challenge as you and I putting the money away as a sort of hedge against something happening and I need quick cash on hand. (Like this could never happen to anyone…need quick cash for an emergency) A ninja is prepared to deal with what life throws at him, and my question to you is are you ready to face it? Do you have a small amount of emergency cash on hand that you can tap into quickly.

Don’t think you will need it?? Well here is a quick example, my friends wife couldn’t get home from work during a major snowstorm but he made sure she was prepared for events like this, he had a small bag in her car with some toiletries, change of clothes and extra cash just in case. So she goes down the stree to a nearby hotel and guess what they only accepted CASH! Which she promptly paid and got a nice room to ride out the storm.

Back to discipline now, it isn’t easy and you will feel like stopping and giving up but persist have staying power! Do what is necessary to make each week’s goal happen. At the end of this year you will be amazed at the $1378 that is sitting in front of you as a prize!

Now get back to work, train physically and mentally!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the ninja lifestyle!

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