From the Basenshukai

From the Basenshukai

“When entering an enemy camp on a dangerous mission, your heart must be as hard, cold and sharp as the blade of a sword. If the heart is soft and weak, whenever the enemy confronts you, panic result and the mission fails.”

Each day when you or I wake up we have a choice to build the “enduring heart” that ninjutsu stands for. Each day we will face obstacles, issues, petty arguments, put downs, political ploys, work or family power plays etc. it doesn’t matter, each must be dealt with utilizing an enduring heart. Practice patience, knowing that from each moment your decisions will come from a view that very few are able to or trained to comprehend. Within Seishin (pur e heart) you are able to make none judgmental decisions not based on emotions but from a view that encompasses many view points and information sources.

A lesson for you to practice, tomorrow when you are faced with an obstacle, problem or difficult situation, take a moment, sit down and write out 3 possible options that could give you different outcomes or paths to take. By starting this lesson off early in your training you are beginning a path that will help advance your training not only in the martial arts but in your life as a whole.

Bufu Ikkan

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