Hensojutsu – The Ninja art of disguise


Within the curriculum of Onshinjutsu(invisibilty) lies the techniques and strategies of Hensojutsu, or the art of disguise.  Ancient hensojutsu tactics were based upon the shichi ho de, or “seven ways of going”(more on this in later posts and in the Online training sections), and allowed a ninja the ability to blend in and penetrate a fortress or enemy area, nearly at will.

Many of you reading this quick lesson will have doubts as to why should I disguise myself? But to this I can only point out the fact that there are times when being see as “you” can endanger your mission or even put your family or friends in danger. A perfect example would be the surveillance of a suspect, as a private investigator. The skills within ninjutsu can easily be utilized in a career as a Private investigator, so study on.


Strategy: a disguise is intended to impede future recognition and or to allow an operative to blend in with their environment so as to disappear into the background of a crowd.

A good disguise includes the following:

1)      Is able to cover up your facial features or characteristic features

2)      Is generic and easily available

3)      Is quickly and easily put on, applied or taken off

4)      Is of little value and can be disposed of easily

Disguise Kit Equipment:

1)      False mustaches, beards

2)      Sideburns

3)      Eyeglasses

4)      Wigs

5)      Sunglasses

(More covered in the online lesson)

So you now have a few basics of Hensojutsu, what “individual” can you create that will blend in, within your local area? Put together the Disguise kit for that individual and go out and test it in public, have fun and be safe.


Bufu Ikkan

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