How does a Ninja physically prepare for a mission?

TrailRunningI cannot tell you how many times, that I have been asked this question, “how would a ninja physically prepare for a mission?” Well, the training would include many if not all of the aspects contained in our Ninja Warrior Conditioning course, which I pull for our class workouts. The Ninja warrior conditioning course structure includes the following principles and or areas to prepare one for the rigors of a mission or life.

Pulling and grip strength ( Have you ever climbed a rope or rock?, then you know why this is important)

Anaerobic and Aerobic conditioning

Burst – recover – burst, especially handy in E and E!

Jumping skill (height, depth etc)


Mobility/flexibility (Keeping your body supple and loose)


Pain and metal tolerance enhancement

Strength improvement (strength to body weight ratio)

And of course nutrition, recovery, speed enhancement etc!

OK, now you are getting the point here, a ninja warrior either today or in the past had to train in a physically demanding manner which developed specific attributes that would enhance his mission survivability. Of course being physically sound throughout their life also enhanced the potential over all life span and everyday health. Physical training is a core fundamental that the ancient and modern ninja live each day.

Stay tuned for more Ninja Warrior Conditioning articles and videos coming your way!

Bufu Ikkan

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