Investigational Skill – Real world usage

Hello Ninjutsu Practitioners!

Last week I had an interesting opportunity to apply various ninjutsu information gathering skills in an investigation I had to direct at my workplace. The lessons I have learned in studying and practicing Choho served me well, and resulted in the termination of an employee for misconduct. In the modern day workplace we need to be extremely careful on the correct phrasing of questions, and corroboration of information from the various sources. Along the way there were opportunities to teach these skills in a “coaching” environment to one of my direct managerial reports.

After having gone through 2 interrogation training events (not a pleasant experience, but one that I learned greatly from), it was remarkably easy to pose questions that often opened the door for the individual to spill more information than they realized. Then the sorting and reviewing of the emails and reports that had been sent versus the spoken story was again quite the learning process, but very educational.  At the completion of this whole event, as I sat back and reflected I had to say I am glad I train in Ninjutsu both in the physical martial arts sense and of course in the more esoteric portions of our art.

Bufu Ikkan

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