If you are keeping in touch through our Facebook page, you’ll notice the recent Ninja Hachimon post. One of these “gates” is the study and use of Kajutsu (fire) in your training studies, so let’s take a brief look at “kajutsu”  fire skills. Fire can purify water, cook food, signal rescuers, provide warmth, light and comfort, help keep predators at a distance,  cause massive destruction, create smoke, heat additional objects, destroy printed material, etc, etc. Fire has a multitude of purposes and can be a most welcome friend and companion when you are lost or in a survival situation.

Here are a few bullet points for the use of fire in a survival situation:

1)      Always have a minimum of two methods in which to light a fire on your person or in your EDC kit.

2)      A few small fires provide more heat than one large fire

3)      Collect firewood you think will get you through a night and then double it

4)      Conserve fuel by making a “star fire”; where the ends of large logs meet in the fire only, push inward as more fuel is needed

5)      Create a reflector of stacked logs, or utilize a space blanket to reflect the heat toward you ,the group, or into a shelter

6)      Keep your fire contained so that it does not flare up or spread outside the immediate fire ring

Now here is your quick lesson: today prepare a EDC kit that contains 2 methods of lighting a fire, and then go out in the backyard and time yourself to see how fast you can light a fire. Now of course this is pretty simple, right? Well now do it on a windy or rainy day, now that will add some difficulty to the lesson.

Bufu Ikkan


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