Kakushi Bukijutsu

Hidden Weapon Skills/Concealed Weapon Skills

4215184360_2c1ba734e6_bOne thing that drew me to ninjutsu was the variety of hand held and often deceptive looking items that were actually deadly weapons. Weapons such as: Shuko/Ashiko, Tetsubishi/Makibushi, Kakute, Tegiribo, Kakushibo, Konpi/Konpei, Shuriken, Fukiya, Nekode, have fascinated me since I was a young boy. But, how do we utilize these ancient weapons in today’s modern world?

Well of course we interpret and adapt! By this I mean utilizing the principles of concealed weapons in a modern “legal” manner. Here is an example for you, metsubishi (sight remover) was a common tactic of the Togakure ryu ninja. They would hollow out an egg and then replace the contents with a combination of ash, nettles, and various items that when thrown into an opponent’s eyes would remove or hinder their sight. In today’s world it is easy to get your hands on a container of “tear gas” that you can carry in most states legally. They come in a variety of forms, from simple hand held containers to crowd and room clearing agents. But, let’s say you are traveling to Canada, or on a plane, you cannot legally carry an item such as this on your person, but what about that small container of cayenne pepper that you “love” to put on your food…J well of course it is legal, although strange to see someone carrying this but thrown into someone’s eyes it is as effective as most store bought tear gas.

So my ninja’s in training that is just one method to take an ancient strategy and apply it in the modern world.

Bufu Ikkan

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