Living on the Edge

Living on the edge of the Sword!

Living on the edge of the Sword!

Some of you may have seen this photo on our Facebook page, but I wanted to expand upon the post there with what Living the Ninja Lifestyle is.

Each day we all wake up equal, I know you are shocked to hear that, we all wake up with 1440 minutes in which we can thrive or we can waste the precious gift that is shared equally among every person on the earth, TIME.  Every day I wake up with a purpose, and that purpose is to live that fine line between pushing myself to the razor’s edge, and or falling off and crashing. We all have choices that either help us grow in our learning and expansion of knowledge in the arts and life, or we settle and just get by for the day, watching T.V and eating ice cream. I choose to push my limits, get up early, run, work out, train with my students and family, post on this website, learn new things….I challenge myself to learn one new thing each day, and I can say some day’s that isn’t an easy thing to do!

Live on the edge of experience! Challenge yourself to do the things you are afraid of, hey I haven’t been comfortable with heights, so I started climbing trees, and then got back into rock climbing(Great Ninja skill) did a 500ft face climb, and haven’t looked back yet.

So what are you doing today?

“The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.” – Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Yesterday, I was traveling back from another state to enjoy some time off with my spouse, and we were speaking on a call, when I noticed that traffic was coming to a slow stop on the highway, up ahead I could see cars off the road, so I knew that there was an accident. As I slowly approached and passed the cars, it appeared that a young man in a light jeep like truck had hit another vehicle rolled over several times and was ejected from the vehicle. He was lying on the side of the road, in a small pool of blood around his head. That moment reminded me of how short our lives are and that we need to live fully each day, as we have no control over when we are going to be leaving this mortal life.

Today, as I finish this short note to all of you, I am about to go work on my cardio vascular level, by trail running (it is time for a personal best time!), then I will come back and train with my family and start our day off around the Ninja homestead. I hope you all take away a bit of motivation from this post and jump up and do 1 thing to challenge yourself as our ancient forbears did and Live on the Edge of the Sword in your training and in life!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle”

More coming so stay tuned!

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