My first time reading about Ninjutsu

Official Karate

Ninjutsu article


I am known as in information vampire and have a huge library (some students call it the Vast Archive) of marital arts and related interests. It is funny I can still remember the day I bought Official Karate magazine because I saw the article on the Ninja. I read this article over and over trying to figure out a way to train with Soke Hatsumi (which took time but eventually was well worth the wait!)

I can remember after reading this everything I could find as soon as it was printed on the Ninja, and started practicing as much as I could from reliable sources. I had to, of course, build my own obstacle course to help me improve my entering skills and soon had ropes to climb, obstacles to climb over and under, logs to cross at various heights, and targets to practice my shuriken and kyujutsu skills on. This wasn’t the first time I had built a training area (I’ll save that story for the member’s area), I even turned my clubhouse into a Japanese styled home, complete with escape tunnel, and escape hatch to the roof, with hidden compartments and weapons and training gear galore!

So in a future series of lesson I will help you build a few items that you can use for your own ninja training area!


Bufu Ikkan

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