Ninja and emergency medical preparation

Ninja5In ancient times, the ninja had to understand and be able to treat common injuries from training and or from warfare, as well as be able to treat themselves or others for diseases. Today, we have the luxury of driving to the doctor’s or calling 911 for an emergency, but what if you couldn’t call or get to where medical treatment could be applied? As one of the 13 skills I chose to improve upon this year, Emergency medical treatment was one of them. Over the years I have been involved as a first responder for hazardous emergencies through the various jobs that I have held, but much earlier in my life I began gaining a basic understanding of traditional methods for healing soft tissue injuries, acupressure, and medicinal herbs. More recently I have continued on by attending various first aid, and tactical medical courses. I also have several first aid kits that I carry on backpacking trips, in my vehicle, work, dojo etc. All with the underlying belief that it is better to be prepared than not to be when the time comes. Has this paid off? Yes, I have assisted at car accidents, seizures, lacerations, broken bones and CPR events.

As a part of your training, I would like you to do the following:

1)      Take a basic CPR/First aid course

2)      Prepare a travel and a home emergency first aid kit (Notes will be up in the Online training section on what your kits should contain.)

3)      Gain knowledge on soft tissue recuperative techniques

These three points will help lead you down a path of Ninja preparedness that could save you or your loved ones life someday. Not to mention that basic healing techniques after training go a long way in a speedy recovery!

Alright now go out and train!

Bufu Ikkan

PS: A new revamping of our Online training sections is underway and more information on Ninja Medical remedies will be available soon!

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