Ninja Body Conditioning and Hardening for Combat

ninja2Within many hard style Karate, Kung fu, Silat, MMA, Muay Thai schools(this is not just limited to this list), there exists many exercises to “toughen” the body, through striking objects, being struck by objects or others and many interesting paired drills that help a student  develop strong and solid areas with which to attack or defend with. I can remember Muay Thai drills where we kicked at each other’s thighs, Kyokushinkai and Goju ryu karate drills where we blocked others punches and kicks, wooden man drills, Silat Cimande forearm drills and so many more! The bruises on my body, the skin left on the frozen outdoor Makiwara, led me to develop strong striking abilities, as well a good resistance/endurance to pain!

So to ninjutsu, look at photos of Soke Takamatsu’s nails, and Soke Hatsumi’s grip when he applies kyusho, these talents were developed by the same process that other arts have as well, and will serve you well to implement in your training. Here is a short list of a few tools to add to your training:

1)      Heavy bag

2)      Makiwara

3)      Wooden man

4)      Partner drills

5)      Striking trees or rocks

6)      Hanging from limbs

7)      Thai and focus pads (striking and being struck)

8)      Pushups on your knuckles

9)      Sandbag striking, tossing, catching

10)   Sand striking

I add several different variations of these ideas in to my training, I hope you do as well! Post any ideas you may be using in your training!


More to come…

Bufu Ikkan

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