Ninja Counter Surveillance

svSURVEILLANCE_wideweb__470x343,0So you are being watched or followed? Well, it isn’t as easy as just hiding in the bushes to get away in today’s world, especially with the advent of new technologies such as GPS tracking, cell phone syncing etc. But let’s take a simple scenario and see if we can teach you a few methods to improve your odds of escaping successfully.

You have recognized you are being followed as you are shopping in a mall.

1)       Play it cool and continue to act as if you have not recognized the situation.

2)      Stop and immediately turn into a store of interest

3)      Wait near the entrance, but off to one side so you cannot be seen easily(behind a rack), as the subject enters, pass behind him and enter the crowd once again.

4)      If this fails, step into a new store such as the Gap or Abercrombie( these 2 stores usually have a second entrance) and see if there is another door out of the store, and exit through this one, immediately change direction or enter another store

5)      Change your hat, shirt or coat to change your appearance

6)      Pull a fire alarm and run!( not always the best option)

Alright, this is just a taste, but you can be followed on foot, or in your car, by criminals looking to steal from you or possibly even to kidnap you. Understanding and knowing how to recognize that you are under surveillance is the first part(awareness of your surroundings), escaping or losing them is the second half.

Here is a drill: have a friend or training partner follow you as in the scenario I described earlier, now you apply the basic ideas(minus the fire alarm one!) and see if you can escape or evade their operation. It is not as easy as you might think but if you have read some of the earlier posts on Hensojutsu you may have already come prepared with a quick change kit, or something that is reversible in color etc. Being prepared is the essence of a Ninja Warrior’s survival, so get out there and see if you can practice this basic of drills on Counter surveillance.

More to come on this topic!

Bufu Ikkan

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