Ninja Finances

Now I bet you didn’t expect this for a topic! But it does fit very well with our ninjutsu philosophy of survining all things, so here we go. Over the last week my students and I have been carefully watching the situation in Cyprus and how the loss of finances could happen to anyone in a moment’s notice. As we were discussing the grab of people’s money I also brought up the fact that there is almost always a run on the banks when a major storm is going to hit and people move toward cash to purchase items or to have on hand if and or when the power goes down.

As we sat and talked they asked me what a type of Ninja like preparations they might consider doing. So here are a few things to add to your “Ninja Finance Preparations”!

1)      Have stored cash on hand, both at your residence and a small stash on you at all times.

2)      Think about purchase a “prepaid” cash/credit card. Set it up with whatever denomination that you feel comfortable with. (This is a great way to save a bit of cash anonymously on the side as well)

3)      Ensure you have your bills paid on time or early especially if you sense or know something is heading your way (storm etc.)

4)      When you don’t have any money, think bartering!


Alright, as Soke Hatsumi says “Ok, Play”.

Bufu Ikkan

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