Ninja Humor


Just a little humor while I get back into the groove of posting!

Bufu Ikkan


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Dear Sensei Airyu,

    A very funny story – I was just checking my email to see if you’d posted anything to your blog. And there you were! Thank you for brightening my day. I love reading your posts.

    I am currently studying American kenpo karate in Austin, TX. Though, I study in a dojo with men who are quite a bit larger and more advanced than I am. I haven’t learned how to appropriately get hit yet, and I’m often quite exhausted (and very bruised) from class. Last weekend I met up with a friend who studies Systema and he noticed how tense I had become when fighting.

    I am having a Systema training session next week, where I hope to work on this with the teacher.

    Would you be able to recommend an exercise that I could practice, or book that I could read about this, that would help me relax, especially when taking hits – and from larger people?

    Thanks, and please, continue with the posts!

  2. admin says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    Thank you for being a loyal fan!! I have been away for awhile working on a new release for the site so stay tuned for that, and to answer your question, yes there are many drills that can help you acclimate to being hit. I will post some of these to the site soon!
    Bufu Ikkan

  3. lewis conley says:

    the art of not being there helps but let your body give when i played ball when they hit me i let my body give like a spring wach a spring when you hit it it gives then your power comes bake to you and hurts your hand

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