Ninja Intuition!

 “Intuition is a function by which human see around corners. It is alvinhew_deep-meditationuseful for persons who live exposed to dangerous natural conditions. – Erasmus” (Dune: Butlerian Jihad)

Intuition, is that sense of knowing what is coming, or that feeling that  something is about to occur, but without prior knowledge or information?  Ever felt it and better yet did you act on it? Now, we all know we have 5  senses, and we rely on these each and every day, almost taking them for  granted most of the time or until something catastrophic happens and you  are unable to utilize one of them. Yet, there is something else there, intangible, but just out of reach for most of us on a daily basis.

I had my first big “intuitive” moment, many years ago, when I was driving without my seatbelt on coming down into an intersection, as I had the green light. I had the strangest sense that something was going to happen, and I locked my seat belt into place just before entering the intersection, when from my left another vehicle goes through the red light and hits me in the front end, spinning me so fast that I hit the rear end of his vehicle forcing him off the road. I was lucky, or was it my intuition that saved me? After that moment I began a long study of intuition and it’s potential in martial or combative situations, and it has served me well these years.

Within ninjutsu, intuition is developed through constant vigorous martial arts practice, usually in a somewhat dangerous situations. But, further exercises can help you enhance your intuitive abilities, so let’s look at 1.


Most of us practice some type of meditation to help us keep our minds focused, and that is where intuition comes in. A basic meditation primer here:

  • Sit on the floor and begin to rhythmically breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Each in and out cycle is counted as 1. When you reach nine cycles, begin again at 1.
  • As you begin to gain control over your wandering mind, start to focus on an alpha wave generating tool. I like fire, a candle or a small fire where you can focus on the blaze while continuing your breathing exercise.
  • As you complete your meditation practice write down new thoughts and ideas that have been stimulated during this practice. Journal them as this is the beginning of the intuitive process.

Just a note here that this is just a cursory look at the meditative process and how it applies to developing intuition as an ongoing tool and skill for your life and martial practice, but it is a place to start.

Let me know if you have examples of an intuitive situation that you would like to share with our fellow ninjutsu practitioners!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle!”

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