Ninja Phone Privacy

Ninja Warriors,

As you know, modern and ancient ninjutsu practitioners are and were, what I call an “information vampire”. Constantly seeking information and knowledge. Well in my recent reading I came across some interesting information regarding the NSA’s ability to glean information on you from your phone. I happened to be reading a military story of the British SAS and SBS use in the war in Iraq. What hit me wasn’t how well interalted they were with our Delta Force operatives but the following story. During the war, most phone lines and cell towers were destroyed, which prompted foreign and local contractors to come in and set up a whole new cell tower system. Once this was running, over 100,000 people a month were buying in to the new network and utilizing cell phones as their primary means of communication. What was very intersteing was that the NSA recorded and tracked every cell call in Iraq. They were able to decipher messages of various terrorist groups, high level officials etc. but what was very scarey was their ability to form a web of where an individual was, or where they had been going to form intelligence so that an individual or group could be set up for a direct action, snatch, hit whatever.

This ability was based on the various metadata and GPS coordinates the phones were scanned for, almost very similar to what has gone on in the USA. So don’t believe that the capture of information off of individuals phones is as harmless as we are being told by this shadowy organization. If they are capturing the information it is valuable to them or another agency for use. Just like the ancient Ninja of Japan gathering information on their enemies and forming a web of intelligence, the NSA is no different, so beware of your communications at all times.

More to come on protecting your communications.

Bufu Ikkan

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