Ninja Rant

Hey there Ninja Fans!

Alright it is time for a Ninja to rant!

The other day I was speaking with another martial artist who was telling me(not suggesting) telling me that his art had it all. It had striking, and jujutsu, and even escrima to round it off. So, I said why does it have all these components? Are they all seamless in the way they flow to one another? His response was classic….”No, they are all taught separate as you gain rank they allow you to learn these pieces”. Wow! Many of you know I practice several arts and have been for 40 years, but each time I learn something I ensure that it flows from one range to another and is combat applicable. I spar alot, and have sparred and fought alot, with weapons and without. So when I start practicing a new art or technique I try and learn it in force on force training scenarios or sparring sessions.

I have never held back anything until someone is a particular rank to teach them, especially in Ninjutsu! It all is linked and flows from one piece to another. Not only that it has deep strategies and skills that can help you survive in a modern combat situation as well as modern day life(work, home etc). So I had to take a moment here and rant about “arts” that hold back teaching something a person may need or want to learn, and if any of you read my post about Independent thinking, you should know that this falls right in line with that mindset.

“Absorb what is useful, disregard what is useless, and add to it specifically what is your own” -Bruce Lee

Everyday, I try and live this philosophy, hopefully you will to, and help those on the path to see the light and join you!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle”


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