Ninja Warrior Conditioning 3.25.14

ninja2_smAlright Ninja’s! It is time to start kicking your physical conditioning up a notch. Below is a workout we use prior to starting our training session. The names of the exercises may be strange to some of you, so please feel free to contact me for any explainations you may need. Oh yes, the workout must be completed in 20mins or less, so welcome to the suck!(LOL)

2 X 3 min rounds skipping rope (1 min rest between sets)

2 Mins of death (JJ, SS, Burpees, MC) 1 set

5 Heavy bag shoulder lifts(100 lbs)

5 Pull ups – 5 Over and Unders (2 sets no rest)

5 Ring body/ab extensions (Hold for 30 sec)

30 Situps

10 Side crunches (L and R)

25 Push ups

5 Turkish get ups (60% 1rep max)

Downward pyramid  Round Kicks (start at 5)

Jab, Cross – Bob and weave (Focus mitt)

Notice that there are other “arts” techniques in this session, yes they are there for a reason! So learn to apply them properly and they will serve you well in combat.

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Live the Ninja Lifestyle

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