Ninja Warrior Conditioning

Great Day For training ninjutsu fans!

A warrior of any tradition is required to maintain physically at the top of their game. Being called to a mission, could require enduring long stretches of motionless observation, with a quick burst of speed and power to bring an opponent down quickly. So of course with my students I train hard and push them to achieve high levels of physical and mental conditioning. Now after being repeatedly asked as to what and how we train I decided to start throwing out some of the components to our workouts. Now remember, these are only a portion of what is actually in the full workout session but this will start you with new material for your training sessions .

Workout: 5 Sets total. Between each exercise 30 seconds rest with a 2 minute rest period between cycles.

Burpee to Chin Up – 10 reps

Sit ups – 30 reps

Sprint 50 yards (walk back to start)

15 push ups

15 Squats (Hindu squat)


Bufu Ikkan

Ps: no puking! (LOL)

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