Ninja Warrior Conditioning

TrailRunning0 dark thirty on 3.19.14, I get my sorry butt out of a nice warm bed, pour myself a cup of coffee(yes I drink coffee in the morning and then a switch to green tea later in the afternoon), sit on the floor in the living room and start to stretch and loosen up my body through a series of junan taisao exercises. All the while looking to see how light it is outside, the temp was a balmy 18 degrees, with no wind so a nice morning to get out and build some cardiovascular conditioning with a quick 5K! Yes, I am a bit crazy to get up early to take care of my training, but my daily schedule is packed and it is often difficult to fit in additional physical training unless I push myself out of my comfort zone (I seem to be using this statement a lot lately), and if that means getting up a bit early, so be it. Remember, your worst enemy is the one you look at in the mirror every morning. He will give you every excuse to not hit the road, gym, trail, training floor, read a book, watch a martial art DVD whatever, it is easier to just sit back and relax or stay in bed, but that is not the path of a Ninja!! Today is a long one here at the Plant(my other job), so I won’t be home until after 8:00pm, but during my lunch break I decided to stay putting this quick post together to let others on this website know, I understand it is tough to put in the time and effort to train, but there is no other way, nor should there be. The path of a shinobi warrior is one that is not easy, your training is tough, gaining knowledge and putting it into practice is difficult, but the rewards can be life changing or even lifesaving.

So, let me ask you; what are you doing today to improve yourself?

Push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Bufu Ikkan

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