Ninja Warrior Conditioning: Mindset!

fudomyooHey there ninjutsu practitioners and blog devotees!!


Well, it is 24 days into my new training once per day, every day routine and let me say I feel awesome!! Leaning out, getting stronger and feel more energized each day. So, I hope you have all started doing the same, whether it is flexibility, strength or cardiovascular conditioning, each day set aside some time and hit the floor with some physical conditioning. I am very surprised at my recovering flexibility!! Even at 50 years old, my flexibility has come way way back and I have been doing more each day to improve here(hey maybe it will help my snowboarding this year!!(LOL))

So the reason I started this post and Ninja Challenge is for each and everyone reading here to begin to develop a “Warrior Mindset”, to take on any challenge and succeed, push through those self limiting beliefs and do it anyway. I’ll be honest with you here, there have been several days where my body is hurting, my workout isn’t where I want it to be, and my energy is down. But that’s when I dig in and push myself to get out of bed in the wee dark of the morning, hit the trails for a run, or the basement dungeon for a strength and flexibility workout. My family thinks I’m crazy but yet, I do it anyway.

So have you taken up the challenge yet? Write back to me at or post here to the blog, and I want to thank the 71 people who emailed me last week in response to my earlier post, I am getting back to each and every one of you so be patient!!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – “Living the Ninja Lifestyle”

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