Ninja Warrior Endurance Conditioning

The ancient Ninja were renowned for their physical prowess. Through the hours of physical practice they achieved a great level of physical and mental conditioning that rival the great athletes of today.

So to help accelerate you along in your physical conditioning, I will be from time to time adding up these Ninja Warrior Conditioning workouts to push your levels of physical and mental conditioning up a notch!

Ninja Warrior Endurance Work Out

5 mile Run

25 Push ups

25 Situps

100 Yard swim utilizing only (Australian crawl, overhead stroke, or butterfly stroke )

25 yard side stroke both left and right sides

Oh yeah this has to be completed in under 1 hour!

I did this workout yesterday, and came in at 48 minutes, so let me know how you do by posting your comments or by emailing me directly.

Bufu Ikkan



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