Ninjutsu – The Art of Preparedness

The Art of Preparedness

We live in an unstable world and you really don’t have to look far to find some kind of trouble brewing. Whether it is rioting, kidnapping all the way to mother nature’s fury, there is no better time to begin practicing ninjutsu.

Our ancient forbears faced many if not all of the same pressures and dangers that we do, and they created a martial arts tradition that prepared them to be able to deal with the situations that surrounded them. From the 18 traditional skills in the Togakure ryu to the combative arts contained within the 9 traditions we practice, the art of ninjutsu is one of preparedness.

The other day I treated 6 youth with basic first aid. First, because I was prepared with a well stocked medical kit and secondly because I was prepared with training. When I train I apply the same approach with my students and I. Application of strategies and tactics that prepare them to survive a combative situation, and that could be a mugging, fight, counter kidnapping or escape and evasion situation.(I do have an interesting mix of students who may need to apply these skills real time)

In the coming months we will be focusing this website to preparing each of you with new skills, challenges, and training advice to take you to a new level of application in ninjutsu’s traditions. So take some time and hit me up via email to send me your suggestions on what you would like to see here and on the Facebook page(You better be there as well!) and I will do my best to start supplying us all with the best information possible!

To a new beginning here!!!

Bufu Ikkan

Airyu – Living the Ninja Lifestyle

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