Ninjutsu’s Escaping Skills

Ninja SkillsYou are jogging down a quiet street, when you notice two seedy guys step out in from an alley way in front of you, as you start to turn and cross the street, a van slides to a stop and the door opens, the two guys muscle you inside and cover your head with hood, handcuffed and have no idea where you are heading, you have been KIDNAPPED!

Now I believe most people reading this will think, well that can never happen here or to me in the US, but the truth is, it happens every day around the world and yes it happens here in the USA! Just a for instance, did you know that Phoenix Arizona is the #2 location for kidnappings in the world?

In ancient times the Ninja prepared themselves for every eventuality in the training. Skills such as Intonjutsu (escape and concealment), Shinobi Iri(stealth and entering methods), Hajutsu(escaping skills) all were taught and mastered at an early age to prepare a practitioner the methods to use to “steal in” or “disappear” if caught or in order to penetrate an enemies fortification. Learning the historical strategies and tactics, and focusing on a modern application, is what a modern ninjutsu practitioner should be adding to their training each day.

Here is a short list of modern ninjutsu escaping skills that you should consider mastering:

 Escaping common restraining moves
 Utilize lock picking equipment
 Escape restraints (duct tape, zip ties, handcuffs)
 Create improvised lock opening tools
 Camouflage techniques
 Silent movement

Each of these skills will take time to learn and master but just think of the moment when you need such skills and haven’t developed them.

Bufu Ikkan
Sensei Lefebvre

Ps: There are multiple lessons covering Intonjutsu, Shinobi iri, and Hajutsu from a traditional skills and strategies all the way to modern application. Stay tuned for the new lessons launching!!

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