Perseverance and the Ninja (Fudoshin)

Fudoshin (Immovable heart), the enduring through trials and tribulations, both physical and or mental,that is what a Ninja excels at.

“The essence of the ninja spirit is fortitude. Perseverance of mind, body, and character. Endure shame, forget jealousy. The origin is patience.” – Shoto Tanemura


One trait that a ninjutsu practitioner must acquire and develop is in Japanese, Fudoshin, or immovable heart. This is the
endurance to persevere through hardships and continue on undaunted. Is this any different than the warrior elite community? Those members of the special operations groups and teams that put their life on the line each day, but not only this offered themselves up in training, only to learn that they could push through what they didn’t believe possible with their bodies and mind.

The Ninja or Samurai of the distant past developed the same trait and so can you. You must be able to endure even what the most impossible of circumstances might throw at you, and continue on. There is no easy path in any endeavor towards success, at times you must fight and train with a ferocity unbridled, and then the next day comes and you pick up your own sore and battered body to start again and again until you have mastered what you are seeking.

This is Fudoshin, the immovable heart of Ninjutsu.

My question to you is, are you ready to take that first step and apply yourself fully to a long and arduous path in learning and developing the skills within ninjutsu.

If you are, the lessons here will take you far, so start now.

Bufu Ikkan

Sensei Steve


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  1. Monty says:

    Until we begin to push do we realize what we can push through. Keep Going!!

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