Put Aside Five Things

ShidoshiKai Dinner,Spain1996

Words by Hatsumi Sensei

“There are five things that you have to leave to the side for practicing the martial arts and also in life in general. This is what Takamatsu Sensei told me as well.

First, put aside anger and fury.

Secondly, guard against your heart becoming to soft and allowing laziness to enter into your heart.

Third, put aside ambition and avarice. If you allow yourself to get to fixed on one particular thing you loose sight of reality in general.

Fourth, another thing you must leave to the side is thinking that you are better then you are and that there is nothing more for you to learn.

Fifth, also leave to the side suspicions and doubts and recognize where these suspicions and doubts come from so you can be able to not be influenced from them.”

“These five points have their origins in Buddhism and that you really do have to understand these in order to practice fully the martial arts or life in general.

Ask yourself how do you practice the martial arts correctly?”


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