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Ninja LifestyleOk, many, many emails have been coming in, so it is once again time for a Q&A session!!

“Airyu, I dig the post on 3/2, but can you tell me what you started to eliminate after you were honest about it? Thanks” – Randy W. Conn.

Ok Randy, one item I worked on was telegraphing. Allowing my opponent to see when I was about to strike. It was my shoulder, I would tense and it would ride up a bit just before I was going to strike. I spent hours and hours in front of a mirror working to eliminate this flaw. Then I started utilizing live opponents in various sparring scenarios to help me hone it even more. This is just a martial arts example, but I read this quote quite a bit and try to utilize it’s meaning in other areas of my life, financial, work, home life etc. See what else you can use it for and write me back when you can.

Bufu Ikkan

Hi There, I have been constantly taught that you will lose fine motor control in a stressful environment and so you wouldn’t be able to shoot accurately, is this really true because it doesn’t seem correct.” – Bill T. Vermont

Hello Bill,

This is one I have heard for years but is proven wrong all the time! How else would our elite warrior teams like Operation Delta, SEAL, Rangers etc be able to fight back if they could not control the adrenal dump in their system? (Look up the SAS Kill house and see how they use live people in their drills to ratchet it up a notch) Recently, I was working with a group of boys on various first aid skills, when (planned) a boy ran out and started screaming that they had been hurt, they had fake blood on them and really played the part. Many of the boys stopped dead in their tracks, yet the ones whom had done this type of training, jumped right in to treat the victim. Training under pressure works, now start adding it to your regular program!

Bufu Ikkan


“Do you take supplements? What kind and what should I take to become a better fighter? – Ron P. GA

Hi Ron,

Yes, I supplement my nutritional program. My caveat here is I only supplement after I maximize my nutritional plan each day. That mean high quality food and drink comes prior to supplementing, period end of story. I train hard and I am not as young as I once was, but I run circles around many of my students. Now as part of my Ninja Warrior Conditioning program I offer advice on various supplements I have utilized and which ones have worked best, but this has not been released to the public yet, and will be a part of the upcoming Members area rollout coming soon!! ( I am stoked about this project!!)

So, no at this time I will be a ninja and be evasive on the answer…I can’t give away all of my secrets!

Bufu Ikkan


So there are a few answers to the many emails that come to my inbox each day. Before I sign out here, I want to Thank you all for continuing to support this site!! Get your friends and training partners to start coming by, and even liking the Facebook Page “Ninjutsu Training”. Last point the Ninjutsu Training Podcast will be making its comeback, so stay tuned my fellow N.I.T’s (That’s Ninja’s In Training!)

Bufu Ikkan

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